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If you’ve read some of my old blog posts, you know that I didn’t pass the NPTE the first time I took it. Aside from reading and reviewing a review book from cover to cover, my other mistake was not doing as much NPTE practice exams than I should have.

Taking an examination that will either make or break your career or even change your life – as much as it did mine; hails for tons of preparations. Aside from just reviewing and studying for the NPTE. You will also need to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a 5-hour long exam. I remember I only took 3 or 4 practice exams a week before my scheduled NPTE.

When I did prepare for my second NPTE, I made sure that I was physically prepared for it. I remember my mind shutting down on the 3rd hour when I took the NPTE the first time.

How many NPTE practice exams should you take?

Well for me, I started concentrating on just solely doing practice exams 3-4 weeks – on a daily basis with one day off during the week. I simulated it as close to the real thing. Having only a break every hour, eating something every break, but I also experimented on what meal I took before I did a practice exam. Just to see how my body feels and how I can make it affect my mindset. No rice or starchy carbs for my pre-meal exams! I also had a handful of practice exams that I had to repeat two to three times.

With almost 20-30 days, what practice exams are best to do?

What are the Best NPTE Practice Exams?

1. Practice Exam & Assessment Tool (PEAT) from FSBPT. This is far by the best practice exam as it has the same look and line of questioning as in the NPTE. For $99, you will have access for a two timed (5 hour) exam that you can access for 60 days, but if you need more time than that you can pay an additional $50 for an additional 50 days.

2. TherapyEd’s National Physical Therapy Examination Review and Study Guide 2015.  This new NPTE reviewer has a 600 question database from a USB where you can test yourself on  subjects and cases that you may have been having difficulty on.

3. Scorebuilders PTExam: The Complete Study Guide by Scott Giles 2014 Edition. The Scorebuilder study guide comes with three 200 question sample examination but you have to take it through their elearning website through Insight, where you enter the access code found in the front cover of the book.

4. The PT Content Master App. It costs $29.99 and it has 750 multiple choice questions that you can access anytime with your phone. I had this one too and everytime I find myself waiting in line at the bank or grocery store; I use this app all the time. Good refresher for basic information.

5. PT Online Advantage Student Version. You can purchase one exam for $40.00 or get 2 exam combo for $60. Both are full length exams and another good investment for practicing for the NPTE.

Practicing will help you hone your test taking skills and your ability to rule out each question everytime. Keep on reviewing for now and mark your practice days in your calendar.