One of the hardest thing for me to do is focus on what books and reviewers to use when I was preparing for the NPTE exam in 2011. I know that there have been changes in the percentage of subejct in the exam- but regardless of that – I think the best way to self-study is by tackling one subject 2-3 days consecutively, instead of trying to read and study one reviewer from from front to back at a time. With so many options out there, here are the best NPTE reviewer and physical therapy textbooks to invest in.

National Physical Therapy Exam Review and Study Guide 2015 

This one of the must haves for reviewing for the NPTE. It comes with a USB with 3 sets of practice exams or create your own exams based on what you want to focus on, with an explanation of the reason for the answer for each question. I based my review with the chapters and topics of this book.

McGraw-Hill’s NPTE by Mark Dutton 

I liked how this review book is easy to read on the eyes. It explained cases and subjects in a direct and easy to understand manner. It also comes with a 600 Q & A on CD that you can use as one of your practice exams.

Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapist 5th Ed. by Goodman and Snyder 

This is not the usual reviewer, but it provides a great explanation on how to rule out systemic diseases versus musculoskeletal conditions based from the signs, symptoms and examinations. Reviewing this book will help you RULE OUT the correct answer for each question.

PT Exam The Complete Study Guide 

If you have extra budget to spare for an additional review guide and practical exams. The NPTE reviewer by Scorebuilders is another good investment. It comes with 3 sets of practical examinations as well. I don’t have one on hand, but you can integrate this by choosing the chapter with the same case or subject in the Pass the NPTE calender guide.

Physical Rehabilitation 6th Ed. by O’Sullivan 

This is the most comprehensive textbook that you can reference on when you need a more thorough explanation of a case. This textbook is a good investment that will last you up until when you’re working as a Physical Therapist.

Orthopedic Physical Assessment 6th Ed. by David J. Magee   

This textbook is what I used to get a good grasp of Special Tests that are outlined in all the NPTE review books I read. So, when I can’t imagine a special test in my mind and need extra help with the visuals and how to execute it. I turn to Magee’s guiding words for it.

Therapeutic Exercise 6th Ed. by Carolyn Kisner  

This is a gem of a textbook for a thorough explanation of evidence based practice topics. I needed this textbook for the joint mobilization, PNF techniques and proper positioning and movement for exercises. This is another textbook that I like having on hand when I don’t get my imagination right!

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