Review the NPTE Online with Therapy Exam Prep

I actually signed up for Therapy Exam Prep during their pilot class. But, I wasn’t able to maximize their online reviews and classes because of unforeseen circumstances on my personal life. However, I would recommend that you enroll online if you are the type of person and student who thrive on discussions and support whether online and offline.

You will have assignments that you need to do, and post your answers online on the forums. This was one of the tasks that I remember doing that was helpful in retaining information. One of the hardest thing in reviewing is knowing what to KNOW. There are so many information both online and offline that can be pretty overwhelming, and the assignments really helped with getting you to remember what indeed is needed to be remembered.

The Therapy Exam Prep NPTE review lasts for 3 months, with a scheduled live webinar that you can attend and join in. As well as download the webinar on-demand if you missed it or you just want to listen to it again. What’s great about joining a live webinar is the chance for you to asks  any question that will help you better understand the topic at hand.

If you need another way to help you review and pass for the NPTE. You can head on to Therapy Exam Prep website and check if this one will work for you. Investment for their program is US$375 and you can pay via Paypal and Google checkout.

16 thoughts on “Review the NPTE Online with Therapy Exam Prep”

  1. Thanks Gigi! Therapy Exam Prep (TEP) has made many changes since the very beginning with the emphasis of clinical thinking, holistic approach and very detailed exam analysis. As well as the step by step exam process to choose an answer in smarter way. Visit and learn more:

      1. Miye has helped me and many others to success. Miye is not a fake as she has been quite helpful in my passing of the NPTE. I am just one of the many that recommends TEP as they have done more than any other exam prep out there. She truly knows how to prepare people to pass but if you didn’t follow her advice. That’s your lost and shouldn’t take it out on those that give their time to help us succeed.

  2. this prep course is a FAKE! Waste of time. They dont teach anything! They say “meditate, eat good food, keep a track of your food” NOT A REAL REVIEW COURSE. Its a “mom and pop” shop of review courses. There are better courses out there, stay AWAY!

    1. Wow! I have heard such great things about this program and seen the success stories. I have even talked with others that rave about this program providing confidence and improving their scores. So many recommend and succeed. Looks like you didn’t try.

      1. Yes, TEP is three months long, structured to cover a lot of material with assignments, live webinars, and a very active forum for questions and discussions. After the three month course is completed, you can continue to stay active on the forums. The moderators are very helpful, very well educated and reply quickly to your questions. Studying for the NPTE is a marathon, not a sprint, and should be prepared for that way. I can’t imagine getting that kind of information or support from a week long program.

    2. I’ve been through the other exam preps (TherapyEd and Therapy Team) and Miye’s progam TEP is the best. The others don’t even provide what Miye provides as I learned a lot of new strategies in the first week. Those others are actually a waste of time as I just sat there and didn’t get any questions answered. I actually benefited from what you say is a waste. I increased my energy as well as my focus. No others provide that and Miye is right about focusing on yourself. Just as the other – looks like you didn’t even put the effort in and therefore failed yourself.

    1. So, what you are saying is that, you didn’t put in any effort at all and want any easy way to pass. Doesn’t sound like you are committed to the profession.

    2. Actually, Miye’s TEP program is the best review for the NPTE. No others even provide the amount of guidance or even strategies on the clinical aspects. She always said it was clinical based and I saw why that is the case. I put my time in and got a lot of benefit. She mentioned if you didn’t follow, success is not as great. Looks as if you stayed with the academic studying and failed. That would be your fault.

    1. Wow! You’re showing that you are not a professional at all and it looks like you are just jealous of someone that actually does help people but you are not able to follow along. Those that actually guide and teach are in the best position to make those better. Unfortunately, you result to ranting which means that no one will really listen.

    2. And looks like you can’t do either and so you result to ranting. Why would anyone want to go to you for treatment? I certainty wouldn’t as it shows you are not a professional.

    1. Hi, I am so sorry to hear that the TEP program did not work for you. Each review program is different from another one. Might work for some and not from others. But, I honestly know that they are not fake.

  3. All the candidates appearing for NPTE are atleast have a bachelors degree in PT .

    What TEP teaches is additional skills and expertise needed to PASS . It is easy to say that eating , sleeping , exercising etc do not play an essential role during the course of studying but this course reminds you how IMPORTANT they are .

    I joined this course after trying first on my own and I could not have DONE it the SECOND time if I had made the same MOVE .

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