It’s the first of August 2012, you have roughly three months to go before the next NPTE exam, which is slated this coming October 12, 2012. If you think you have the time and focus to take it this October, remember that the deadline of registration is on September 16, 2012.

How is your review style? Do you read and finish one NPTE reviewer from cover to cover before opening up yet ANOTHER NPTE review book? It might help if you review on a PER CASE or STUDY basis. It helps keeps your frame of thought in the same subject, and makes it better and easier for your brain to retain.

Jumping from one subject or case to another may just jumble up the way your brain thinks. So for now, if you’re just starting; here are the basics you can cover for your first week:

1. Overview of the Muscle Origin, Insertion, Action and Innervation

2. Memorize the Brachial Plexus

3. Memorize the LumboSacral Plexus

4. Understand the Special Tests

If you have time and the resources you can also join a review class, like the one from Therapy Ed. Or you can download the PASS THE NPTE CALENDAR GUIDE to help you find the right books and how to PREPARE for the NPTE!