The month of July of the year 2012 is very big for Physical therapists aiming to pass the NPTE exam. Two exams are slated for July, first one was on the first week of July and the second one for this last week. Thank you for the handful of people who shared both bad and good news after getting the results last July 10, 2012.

I actually have mixed emotions.

I was super happy with those who passed.

And I felt very sad for those who weren’t able to make it.

I know both feelings, and no amount of words and encouragement helped me get the sadness out of my system. So, I know how rotten you might feel if you didn’t see the fruits of your hard work go through. I actually cannot imagine how it feels to fail the NPTE the third, fourth or fifth time.

But, when I hear of news of individuals like you who KEEP ON TRYING.

I cannot help but be IN AWE OF YOU.

Perhaps, it is just not the time for you to pass yet. But you will soon ONE DAY – WHEN IT’S YOU TIME TO DO SO.

In hindsight, I really wasn’t supposed to pass the NPTE the first time I took it. If I did, I would have been miserable working in the US, with a very unsupportive husband – who kept telling me that I should never show off or be proud of my degree. B*llsh*t.

So, if you happen to have failed the last time… DIG DEEP. BREATHE. REVIEW. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE… And take it again.


Prepping for the NPTE is no easy feat, most of whom I know who are preparing for the NPTE had to juggle reviewing with keeping a job and maintaining a family.

So my heart and prayers go out for those taking the NPTE in a few hours.

Planning on taking the NPTE soon? Download the Pass The NPTE Calendar below to help you get started. Just right click and save as…