With just less than a month to go before the July 31st NPTE exam for 2012, by this time around all you should be doing is practicing. Doing a full 200 or 250 exam NPTE or National Physical Therapy Exam practice exam. I think, the practice sessions that I did last year really helped me get my brain get used to the rigors of thinking and evaluating for 4-5 hours straight.

I know what you might say right now.

I just don’t have the TIME.

Well, I will be blunt. But, if you have gone this far from taking the NPTE. Sacrifice just a month more of waking up early to have the chance to sit down through an exam for at least 4 hours if possible. Wake up at 4:00AM. Start your exam at 4:30AM and finish it off by 8 to 8:30AM. Or take the exam at night – whatever works best for you.

Practice NPTE exams

What are the best NPTE Practice Exams to Take?

1. PEAT by Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy

2. Practice exams of 2012 version of Sullivan and Siegelman

3. Online exam from Therapyed

4. Kaplan NPTE Practice exam

5. Scorebuilders Online Advantage Student’s Version

6. Practice CD exams in McGraw-Hill’s (by Mark Dutton)

Just remember to practice, practice and practice! The NPTE is not just a test of wits and intelligence in the realm of Physical Therapy. It will also test how much your brain can take in the 250 choices in the 5 hour exam!