Now that I drafted my plan on HOW to STUDY and REVIEW, the hardest part was knowing how to FOCUS. Since, majority of people who are reviewing for the National Physical Therapy examination and for their local country’s board exams are employed part time, fulltime or are stay at home mother’s like myself.

Even if you do find time on when to study, getting focused is another thing altogether. With anxiety creeping in even before you hit the books – HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUSELF FOCUSED?

NPTE study review tips

1. Find your Place. If possible, find a corner in your house, even if it’s just small to establish your area of place to study. Even if it’s part of your dining table or kitchen counter. Have all your books and some reminders posted in that study area. It will help you get in the zone of studying when you’re there.

2. Prepare your Things. Have your books, paper, notebooks, pens and highlighter on hand when studying. Have some water by your side and something to munch on to keep your sugar levels steady for that brain energy. I like having some peanuts or crackers by my side when I was still reviewing for the NPTE.

3. Make it a habit. The only time that I had was an early morning slot from around 4am to 7:30am. It was way early, so coffee was my cue to get myself going when I have to review for the day. I also STOPPED and took a break every 45 or 60 minutes. That’s the time I did some jumping jacks, went to the bathroom or got myself another cup of coffee to help me get going.

4. Get Rid of both External and Internal Distractions. For me that means, giving up Facebook and surfing the internet for most time. I also didn’t watch any television shows that much and was on my PT Content Master App whenever I’m not infront of my books. And to top it all of, I had to DELETE all the drama that was going on in my life at that moment. It was hard, but I literally shook my head whenever I found myself wallowing in self-pity and anxiety. I had to remind myself constantly on WHY and WHO am I doing this for.

5. Think like a licensed Physical Therapist. I daydreamed and studied like a professional physical therapist. Even if I wasn’t licensed yet, I thought of myself as already one and instead of memorizing – I learned to RULE OUT similar cases from another.