When studying for the NPTE, most people would say NEVER to MEMORIZE. Which is really true! However, knowing the BRACHIAL PLEXUS by HEART is one of the most important thing that you MUST do when starting your review for the National Physical Therapy Examination.

The best source that I found online was from the American Medical Association website created by Dr. Daniel S. Romm and Dr. Dennis A. Chu.

Brachial Plexus Guide

Their guide clearly and simply illustrates the root, trunk and division… However it’s up to you to remember which muscle is innervated by which nerve. Knowing the origin of the nerves truck or root will help you know which muscle is affected if a certain division in the brachial plexus is severed.

Just right-click the image or this link to download a copy of this Brachial Plexus Guide!